What's oodi boosters?

What's oodi boosters?

If you realize that you need more data, minutes, or even SMSs to add to your current plan, just get a booster! They have the same validity as your plan, so don’t overdo it. 
To buy boosters, just click on “Boost” on the home screen of the app. It’s really this simple. 
You can view the boosters in your booster circle on your app upon your purchase. Also keep in mind, if you still have data, minutes, or SMS in your plan and you have also purchased a booster, your usage will consume from your plan allowance first. 
You can also check the available boosters below: 

Voice boosters (mint)  Price (IQD) 
10  500 
50  2,250 
100  4,250 
150  5,500 
200  7,250 
250 9,000 
Data boosters  

Price (IQD) 

0.5 GB 


1 GB  


2 GB  


3 GB  


5 GB  


10 GB  


15 GB  


SMS booster   Price (IQD) 
50 750
100 1,250 




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