How can I activate store SIM?

How can I activate store SIM?

Now the activation of oodi SIM card is easy.                                                       

If you bought your SIM card from oodi kiosks, ROS or POS, you can do registration and activation in oodi app.

1-I did a registration of my oodi sim but how can I do an activation through oodi app?

In a quick and easy step you can activate your new SIM, just follow the steps below:  

  • Step 1: Open our oodi App
  • Step 2: Select “Active SIM Store” from the main page 
  • Step 3: Scan the barcode on the oodi SIM package or manually enter the serial number on the sim card
  • Step 4: Press scan barcode

Now you can start customizing your oodi number and the monthly plan 

Step 1: Number selection

  • The oodi app will choose a random number for you
  • If you want to customize your number, select “I want to choose a different number”
  • Search or directly select your prefeed number then select next

Step 2: Monthly plan selection

  • Now choose your monthly plan from the preferred plans or select “I want to design my own plan”.
  • Select your preferred minutes and data and press next 

Step 3: oodi account creation

  • enter your name
  • email
  • password or register through social media accounts
  • Press continue

Step 4: Final review

  • Review your plan, and number and change them if you like
  • Add promo code, referral code if any
  • Select the terms and conditions agreement after reviewing
  • Press next

Step 5: Payment

  • Choose your payment method: credit card, Zain cash or Zain vouchers
  • Once you select your payment just do the payment and press complete order 

All Done! Your SIM is active and ready to use  

2- Where can I get an oodi line?

Now we are in the places below:

  • Dream City mall - Zayouna, Al Rubeiay' St.
  • Zain-ROS-Al Mansour Shop (14th Ramadan street near Credit Bank)
  • Zain-ROS-Al Mansour Mall (Al-Mansour mall first floor)
  • Zain-ROS-Al sader (al-Sader city near Mudhafer square)
  • Zain-ROS-Karbala (Al-Saadiya at Al-Muhafed street)
  • Zain-ROS-Najaf (At Al-Muthana Street)
  • Zain-ROS-Falluja (Near Fallujah Municipality Directorate)

3- What should I do after activating my sim in a store? / How to login to my account?
- Through oodi app press “login” and enter the email or your number and the password.

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