What are oodi's unlimited data plans?

What are oodi's unlimited data plans?

oodi offers you a range of plans to pick from. You can enjoy unlimited data with the super speed of 4G-LTE and have the flexibility to choose your minutes all within the same plan.
 A fair usage policy will be applied after consuming the 100 GB, where you can then continue to enjoy the internet at a distinctive speed of up to 3Mbps till the plan expiry date.

oodi's unlimited is similar to others in fair usage policy, but the difference is that we have distinguished data and minutes plans that you can choose from as many as you like. You can even use an oodi's SIM as a data SIM. You can easily top-up your wallet, track all your usage, and manage everything directly from the app.

Please note you can use your minutes to call all local networks.
You can check them below:

Minutes includes  Gigabytes included Plan Price (IQD) Monthly
0 Unlimited  40,000 
50 Unlimited  41,500
100 Unlimited  43,000
250 Unlimited  47,500
350 Unlimited  50,500
500 Unlimited  55,000
750 Unlimited  62,500
1000 Unlimited  70,000

*All the plans come with a default 200 SMS.

You can also check the rest of our Plans form here.
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