How much data do I really need?

How much data do I really need?

Hey, that is a good question. It really depends on how you would use the internet personally.

If you enjoy watching videos, spend a lot of time on Youtube, we would recommend you to choose a plan with a bigger data allowance. If you are using mostly for browsing things and checking your email, not downloading a lot of images and videos, you may go with a smaller data allowance.

Remember, you can always adjust your plan next month based on how much data you used previously.

To give you an idea about how much data you would use for an estimate, you can check the table below:

Online Activity Required Data
An email with only texts 30-50 KB
Viewing a webpage 250-350 KB
Downloading an app or a game 10-20 MB
Listening to a 3 minutes song 400-600 KB
Watching a 5 minutes video (i.e, on Youtube) 120-160 MB
An hour of streaming medium quality movie 600-800 MB


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