Why can't I send/receive SMS and/or MMS?

Why can't I send/receive SMS and/or MMS?

Most text messages will be sent to the destination within a few minutes, but it can take up 48 hours for a text message to be received.

When you cannot send SMS or the other side does not receive it:

  • Check that you have SMS balance left in your plan. If not, you can always buy a booster
  • If the recipient is roaming abroad, SMS may be delivered later or not delivered, depending on the country
  • On Android phones, you can set the SMS service number - make sure it’s set to +9647802999920
  • Try switching your phone off and back on, and send it again
  • If nothing else works, take the SIM card and put it into another phone. This will help you see if the problem is related to your phone or to your SIM card

When you cannot receive SMS:

  • Some phones (iPhones for example) have SMS filters, automatically placing messages they think as spam to separate folders
  • External applications like Truecaller or Hiya can also filter out SMS on your phone, if you ask them to


We do not support MMS. That thing seemed like a neat idea 20 years ago, but now there are so many easier ways to send pictures.

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