Why can't I make calls?

Why can't I make calls?

Why can’t I make calls?

Ouch, that’s a problem. In most cases we will tell you what’s wrong when you try making a call. If you hear nothing, but the call still does not work, here are a few things you can check:

If you are in Iraq, these are the reasons why you may not be able to make calls:

  1. Make sure you have minutes on your plan:
  • You can only make calls to Iraq if you have minutes on your plan. Open your oodi app and check your remaining minutes.
  • If you are calling a number in another country, make sure you have enabled paygo for international call and you have enough credits.
  1. Call barring
  • Make sure you have no call barring turned on. You can find it out by dialing *#33# on your phone. If you don’t see a line saying “Disabled” below “Voice Call Barring”, dial #33*1# to disable it.
  1. Your SIM card may have a problem
  • Check if your oodi SIM card is working.  (Try your SIM card in another phone to make sure the phone is working correctly.)
  1. Your phone needs to have signal
  • Make sure your phone has a signal and is connected to oodi.
  • Try to restart your phone (or switch it to airplane mode for 10 seconds)  so that it can try to reconnect to the network.

If you are outside Iraq:

  • Please check if you have an active roaming add-on with minutes remaining, covering the country you are in or enabled paygo for roaming and have enough credits.
  • If you have an active roaming add-on, make sure your phone is connected to one of our roaming partners - you can find their list in the roaming add-on in the oodi app.

If none of this solves the problem, please contact our care team, we will figure it out for you.

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