How can I join oodi?

How can I join oodi?

There 2 ways you can join oodi.

  • If you prefer your SIM delivered to you and if we cover your area for delivery, you can just download our app and click Order new oodi SIM. You will select your number, plan, add-ons, create an account and schedule a delivery in less than 2 minutes. Our delivery agents will bring you your new SIM and activate your line. Watch and see how easy it is

  • If you prefer to pick up your SIM from an oodi kiosk or POS, you can ask for free registration. You will complete the registration process and receive your free SIM at the shop. Now, whenever you like, you can download the app and click Activate my oodi SIM to scan the code on your fresh SIM, select your number, plan, add-ons and create an account. Done

Here you can find more information about how delivery works and how to reach us.

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