Can I go to a store to join oodi?

Can I go to a store to join oodi?

Yes of course you can. It wouldn’t make sense to have a store if you couldn’t join oodi while you are there, right? Our kiosk move around, for latest locations please check here

Once you get a sim from the store you only need to do the following to enjoy your oodi line, it should only take a few minutes. We will walk you through on your oodi app as well. Let’s start:

  1. Choose “Activate my oodi SIM” on your oodi app
  2. Scan the barcode of your oodi SIM card on your oodi app (or you can enter the SIM card code)
  3. Choose a number you like
  4. Choose your plan as you like (and choose your add-ons if you need one)
  5. Register your account
  6. Make the payment

 That’s it! You should be able to enjoy your oodi line now.

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