How can I change my password?

How can I change my password?

No more struggles! It’s easy and fast to reset the password of your oodi account! 

If you are curently logged out of your oodi app follow these steps below:

  • Step 1: From the main page press login
  • Step 2: Presse “forget password”
  • Step 3: Enter your oodi number or your email address associated with the account
  • Step 4: You would receive a verification code via:
    • SMS if you use your number on step 3
  • or e-mail if you use your e-mail on step 4
  • Step 5: Enter the received verification code
  • Step 6: Write your new password and confirm it


Once you did all these six steps, the app will take you to the main page again where:

  • Press login
  • Enter your number or email with the new password
  • Press login

Wala you are all set!

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