How do I configure my phone to use oodi?

How do I configure my phone to use oodi?

Good news, you don’t need any special configuration. With a SIM card and active line, your phone should connect to anything. We will send a message to your phone to take care of all settings. If you happen to delete or ignore this message, fear not and follow the below steps.

On an Android Phone

Go to Setting - Connections - Mobile Networks - Access Point Names and click add.

Name: oodi

APN: internet

Proxy: -

Port: -

Username: -

Password: -

Server: -


Multimedia message proxy: -

Multimedia message port: -

MCC: 418

MNC: 20

Authentication type: CHAP

APN type: default, supl

APN protocol: IPv4

Turn APN on/off: APN turned on

Bearer: -

Mobile virtual network operator type: -

On an iPhone

Go to Settings - Cellular - Cellular Data Network

APN: internet

Username: -

Password: -


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